D-STAR Information

An excellent article written by member Bob Witte, K0NR for the Winter 2006 issue of CQ VHF Magazine.

Barry Wilson, KA0BBQ, provides practical getting started information with his Inside D-STAR Digital Radio presentation in PDF format.

The Wikipedia entry on D-STAR.

D-STAR Link Directory.

A video introduction to D-STAR from Jim McClellan, N5MIJ, and Bill Moore, N5ZPR, Dallas, Texas.

This video, from Washington County ARES, demonstrates D-STAR being used in emergency communications. Note that D-STAR does not rely on an Internet connection for data communications.


Cable pinout diagrams and other useful info is located at

Some members have been having their cables custom made at House of Cables Micros located locally in Greenwood Village, CO.

Members and Partners

Arapahoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)

Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs (CCARC)

Ham Radio Outlet (HRO)

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio

Aurora Repeater Association

Members of Districts of Colorado ARES

Colorado D-STAR Association acknowledges and thanks its sponsors: Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs (CCARC) and Ham Radio Outlet (HRO)